FIRING: Dual-channel electrotherapy

Firing is a state of the art portable stimulator for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.
Using the most advanced electronic technology combined with the extremely simple user interface, FIRING will satisfy the most demanding physiotherapists.

FIRING features:

  • Two completely independent channels: intensity and parameter controls for each channel.
  • 20 currents / waveforms used both in rehabilitation and pain therapy.
  • A huge preset library of programs for most pathologies.
  • Possibility of creating and saving user defined programs and sequences.
  • Immediate availability of a selection of “favorites” programs user defined.
  • Perineal Treatments with preset programs.
  • Diagnostic analysis with Intensity / Time (I/T) curve.
  • Patient database: store patient data with treatment history.
  • Pain level evaluation for each recorded patient at the beginning and at the end of the treatment.
  • MPP System: extremely complex programs and protocols that will change frequency, duration pulse, sweep, rest/action frequency, intensity and relax
  • time. All these parameters are automatically changed during the program without operator intervention.
  • Connection to an ultrasound machine available (optional cable required).
  • Large high quality graphical monitor for better screen visibility.

Still, with all these features, FIRING is extremely easy and intuitive to operate.


  • improved sense of balance
  • learning of proper posture
  • improved joint stabilization through proprioceptive reeducation
  • improved muscle coordination


  • 2 pcs. – Electrostimulation Cables
  • 4 pcs. – Electrodes 60X40 mm
  • 2 pcs. – Electrodes 60X60 mm
  • 2 pcs. – Electrodes 60X120 mm
  • 4 pcs. – Pads for EL/1
  • 2 pcs. – Pads for EL/2
  • 2 pcs. – Pads for EL/3
  • 2 pcs. – Elastic straps 50 cm
  • 2 pcs. – Elastic straps 100 cm
  • 1 pc. – Black splitting cables
  • 1 pc. – Red splitting cables
  • 1 pc. – Black cable 2 mm plug
  • 1 pc. – Red cable 2 mm plug
  • 1 pc. – Power cable


  • Ultrasound connection cable (C/U)
  • Point Electrode (M/SP-P)
  • Vaginal electrode (EV/1)
  • Vaginal electrode (EV/2)
  • Vaginal electrode (EV/3)
  • Vaginal electrode (EV/4)
  • Anal electrode (EL/A)
  • Evoline bag
  • Evoline Model “Z”(A01.00128)
  • Tray for Evoline trolley


  • Power supply: 115 ÷ 230 V~, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Power input: 60 VA
  • Weight: 3.8 Kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 27 x 32.8 x 23 cm
  • Insulation class: Class I – BF Type


  • Tens: It features many resident programs for most common pathologies. Frequency: 2÷200 Hz. Pulse duration: 50÷600 µs. Intensity: 0÷250 mA (Ipp).
  • Muscle: symmetrical bidirectional pulses. Features a file with a number of programs for the treatment of different muscle conditions. Frequency: 2÷200 Hz. Duration: 50÷600 µs. Intensity: 0÷250 mA (Ipp).
  • Bipolar interferential current: amplitude-modulated square-wave bidirectional current. Square-wave frequency: 2000÷4000 Hz. (± 20 %). Sinusoidal frequency of modulation: 5÷200 Hz. Intensity: 0÷200 mA (Ipp).
  • Tetrapolar interferential: amplitude-modulated bidirectional current. Sinusoidal frequency 2000÷10.000 Hz. Sinusoidal frequency of modulation 5÷200 Hz. Intensity 0÷125 mA (Ipp).
  • Burst: rectangular bidirectional symmetrical pulses.
    Action: 0,25 s. Pause: 0,75 s. Frequency: 2÷200 Hz. Pulse duration: 50÷600 µs.
  • Kotz: Interrupted sinusoidal current.
    Sinusoidal frequency: 1000÷2500 Hz. Modulation frequency: 5÷200 Hz. Intensity: 0÷250 mA (Ipp).
  • Trabert: rectangular, unidirectional current.
    Pulse duration: 2 ms. Pause: 5 ms. Intensity: 0÷45 mA (Ip).
  • AMF: rectangular bidirectional symmetrical pulses.
    Rise: 2 s. Fall: 1 s. Rest: 2 s. Frequency: 2÷200 Hz. Pulse duration: 50÷600 µs.
  • Faradic current: Unidirectional pulses. Frequency: 1÷100 Hz. Intensity: 0÷150 mA (Ip).
  • Iontophoresis: interrupted unidirectional current. Frequency: 8000 Hz. Intensity: 0÷50 mA (Ip).
  • FM: rectangular bidirectional symmetrical pulses. Sweep adjustable from 2÷10 Hz. Duration of pulses adjustable. Frequency: 2÷200 Hz. Pulse duration: 50÷600 µs.
  • Diadynamic currents: single-phase (MF), two-phase (DF), short-period (CP), long-period (LP). Intensity: 0÷50mA (Ip).
  • Triangular/Exponential Pulses: triangular unidirectional pulses.
    Duration: 1÷1000 ms. Pause: 1÷10 s. Intensity: 0÷50 mA.
  • Rectangular Pulses: rectangular unidirectional pulses.
    Duration: 1÷1000 ms. Pause: 1÷10 s. Intensity: 0÷50 mA.
  • Agonist/Antagonist: rectangular bidirectional symmetrical pulses. Stimulation agonists/antagonists muscles.
  • Agonist/Antagonist with Fardic current: unidirectional pulses.
    Frequency: 1÷100 Hz. Intensity: 0÷150 mA (Ip).
  • Agonist/Antagonist with Kotz current: Interrupted sinusoidal current. Sinusoidal frequency: 1000÷2500 Hz. Modulation frequency: 5÷200 Hz. Intensity: 0÷250 mA (Ipp).
  • Diagnostics: recording of the intensity/time curve. Automatic calculation of rheobase, chronaxie, accomodation coefficient and drawing of the curve. Possibility to memorize the results and records it on the database.
  • High Voltage mod.: double unidirectional pulse.
    Polarity: positive or negative. 200 V on 5 KOhm. 160 mA on 500 Ohm.
  • Urology: bidirectional symmetrical pulses. Frequency: 2 ÷ 200 Hz. Pulse duration: 50÷600 µs. Maximum current: 250 mA (Ipp). Output characteristic: constant voltage (CV).


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