EVOLASER EASY – High-power laser therapy

EVOLASER EASY allows for a variety of therapeutic applications, making it the most versatile laser device on the market:

  • High output power;
  • Continuous and pulsed mode up to 10.000Hz;
  • Duty cycle range from 20% to 80%;
  • Possibility to create complex programs by combining the point-to-point and scanning methods;
  • Adjustment of sweep frequency and duty cycle;
  • Use of the beam expander for treatment of large areas;
  • BURST emission mode;
  • Test of the power actually released.

EVOLASER EASY incorporates a computer that provides almost infinite programming capabilities and allows the operator to enter the patient’s data including information on the history and evolution of patient’s disease.
The use of US-made latest-generation laser modules, combined with ultra-high efficiency (ultra-low attenuation) optical fibre suitable to transport several hundreds Watts, ensures the EVOLASER EASY unit emits a high-quality, ultra-pure laser beam. Thanks to this excellent quality, the laser bean can penetrate at more than 10 cm depth.


  • A convenient USB connection allows transfer of patient’s data to an external database, as well as software updating.
  • With its innovative TEC System (Total Emission Control), the EVOLASER EASY provides unequalled parameter flexibility, allowing ultra high power density to be delivered without overheating tissues. The unit also features an automatic system for checking the amount of energy actually delivered to the patient.
  • MPP System (Multi Parameters Protocols): extremely complex programs and protocols that will change frequency, duty cycle, duration pulse, sweep, rest/action frequency, intensity and relax time. All these parameters are automatically changed during the program without operator intervention.
  • The power actually released at the laser handpiece can be verified through the system of integrated reading on the device. Similarly, it is possible to verify the efficiency and integrity of the optical fiber.


  • 1 pc. – Operator Protective Goggles (OPO)
  • 1 pc. – Power cable (C/A)
  • 1 pc. – Footswitch (D02.00605)
  • 1 pc. – Patient protective goggles (OPP)
  • 1 pc. – Compressed air spray (B02.00041)


  • Cone for treat. 30 cm2 [3] (A01.00102)
  • Cone support arm [4] (A01.00098)
  • Evoline trolley [5] (A01.00128)
  • Arm holder [6] (A01.00099)
  • Bag for Evolaser [7] (A01.00101)


  • Laser Source: GaAlAs laser diodes.
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm
  • Guide light: Laser 635 nm (±3%), < 3mW
  • Operation: Continuous (CW), pulsed, hyper-pulsed, (Multi Parameter Protocol), (Total Emission Control), (Scanner Point Scanner)
  • Fibre output power: 8 W (CW)
  • Target indicator: 3 mW red laser pointer
  • IR Spot Size: 1.70 cm² at 1 cm distance from patient’s skin;
    30 cm² beam expander area
  • Time: Digital indication of actual treatment duration
  • Power Supply: 110/230 V~, 50/60 Hz
  • Input: 145 VA
  • Weight: 4.7 Kg
  • Dimensions: 27 x 44 x 23 cm
  • Class: 4
  • Insulation class: Class I – BF typeLaser Source: GaAlAs laser diodes.


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