PRIMA ISO • PRIMA PLUS – Multi-Joint isokinetic system

Isokinetics is an essential methodology in modern rehabilitation practice. The knowledge of the advantages and the limits associated with this method, combined with the long experience acquired working with users, has allowed the creation of the PRIMA ISO.
This is a compact, user-friendly, cost-effective unit, developed to optimise the advantages of isokinetic method. The PRIMA ISO utilises a hydraulic brake to improve the movement fluidity while ensuring the patient’s complete safety.
The dynamometric brake is integrated in the seat support structure for maximum compactness. The control console is designed to house a small accessory basket. The PRIMA ISO is a complete system for rehabilitation, training and evaluation. All measured data can be displayed in real time and saved for post-processing. The completely new software, developed with new technologies for Windows™, is user-friendly and provides an amusing video game designed to enhance the patient’s motivation.
The programmable software ensures maximum safety for the patient (the range of motion can be limited at any point of the movement either by mechanical stops or via software setting). The system allows storage and printing of comprehensive modular final reports via simple operations.
With the PRIMA PLUS, furthermore, there is the possibility to have an active function of the machine.


  • Isokinetic
  • Inertial isotonic
  • Hydrodynamic


  • Speed
  • Torque (peak, average)
  • Range of Motion
  • Work
  • Power
  • Resistance Index
  • Flexion/Extension ratio


  • Knee (flexion/extension)
  • Ankle (dorsoplantar flexion)
  • Shoulder (intra-extra rotation in abduction)
  • Lower limb closed kinetic chain


  • Isokinetic Unit: single seat with integrated hydraulic dynamometer.
  • Control console/processing unit: (Pentium processor or compatible, Windows, monitor, keyboard, mouse and colour printer, RS232 serial connection to the isokinetic unit, accessory basket stowed inside the console trolley. Are supplied by end user)


  • Range of speed control: 40°/s 400°/s with independent regulation of agonist and antagonist movements
  • Torque: measured on the whole articular angle, 1Nm resolution
  • Max. measurable torque: 400 Nm
  • Range of motion: 240°, resolution 0.75°
  • Work: real time measurement, maximum work/repetition, total work, resistance index, fatigue index


  • Basic configuration: lower limb (code 80000201)
  • Extended configuration: lower limb + shoulder (code 80000200)
  • Shoulder option: allows switching from basic to extended configuration (code 610211)


  • Isokinetic unit: 70 x 125 x 125h cm
  • Control console: 60 x 57 x 92h cm
  • Minimum working space: 150 x 200 cm
  • Isokinetic unit: 128 Kg
  • Control console: 30 Kg


  • Power consumption: max 500VA
  • Class and type according to CEI EN 60601 standard: Class I-Type B
  • Protection fuses accessible from outside


  • Power requirements: Single-phase, 220 V-50 Hz; available from n.2 wall sockets
  • Environmental conditions: temperature between 10°C and 40° C. Relative humidity: 0% – 75% (without condensation)


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